The World is Filled with the Most Amazing People........

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The Birthday Chairs are BACK and they are BETTER than ever!!
Special thanks to the Woodworking Students and the Art student and  their teachers Pete Kelleher and Christen Leger of Mascenic Regional High School for building 31 small chairs to be given as gifts to children on their first birthday.  The Woodworking class made the chairs and then handed them off to the Art students to be painted. The final result is amazing.  If these kids are the future of the world it is in good hands.  Seven of the chairs have already been requested for June birthdays.

Welcome Bundle #3000 has been delivered
It is with great joy that Welcome Bundle #3000 was delivered to
The Mom's Place at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester. 

I am humbled at the support that it took to get to this milestone.  The numbers are
staggering. 3000 blankets, quilts or afghans. 12,000 pairs of socks or booties. 
60,000 sleepers, outfits, snowsuits, Halloween costumes, and
Christmas outfits. 6,000 happy babies and moms.
I am so honored to have been called to this mission. There has never been a time when a
baby or mom went without.  I do this to the Glory of God and He rains
blessing down on me, the social workers and the families they serve.


Thank You Ainsley
For her birthday this generous young lady opted to support The Stork Project
instead of having her guests bring gifts for her. Meeting her was a pleasure.

Hope's Hats
I met Hope on one of the lowest days of my life. I was early to sign my husband's petition for divorce. I went into an antique store to kill 15 minutes. I got to talking with the person behind the counter. Talk turned to The Stork Project. She gave me the cutest little hat. As I turned to go I asked her her name. She said "My name is Hope"........

Thank You Hollis Preschool
The Moms at the Hollis Preschool collected items to pamper other moms and make them feel special on Mother's Day. A total of 31 gift bags were delivered to  some of the moms served by Early Head Start and in the Child and Family Services Parenting Plus Program.

Warm Up America group at AC Moore in Nashua
By way of the Hudson Library Friday morning sewing/craft group I was invited to this wonderful group of women to collect items they make for charities. I received a large donation of blankets, new stuffed animals, hats, booties, and receiving blankets for infants served by The Stork Project. Thank you ladies.
Thank You MOMS Club of Amherst
Club members filled the "storkmobil" today with donations. There were clothes, 2 pack and plays, shoes, blankets, books, toys, and it is all needed. What a wonderful group of women. The coffee and muffin was a much appreciated extra!
Once Again the 7th Graders in Mrs. Calo's Class Come Through
Each year the Milford Middle School students in the Family and Consumer class make quilts. They can choose to take them home, sell them to raise money for a school cause, or donate them. Once again The Stork Project received the quilts that students chose to donate. They are beautiful and will make the most wonderful Welcome Bundles. Thank you students!

Ms. Faucher's Second Graders ROCK!!!!!
As part of a class lesson, the students worked with Josh's mom and made 2 incredible quilts.  They spend part of class time adding the clothes and actually building a Welcome Bundle for a boy and a girl.  The students were so proud of the work they did and their ability to help another person in a way that had meaning for them.
The girl bundle will go to a new baby in Nashua and the boy bundle is being delivered to the social worker at Lamprey Health Care in Raymond. Both of the babies are due within days. 
These students have an attachement to these babies. Maybe some day, walking through a store, they will see a small child clutching the quilt they made.  Even if that never happens they know they have touched a mom's heart and comforted a baby. What a great lesson Ms. Faucher has taught them.  If these students are the future we are blessed.
The Birthday Chairs are BACK!
Special thanks to the Woodworking Students and their teacher Pete Kelleher of Mascenic Regional High School for building 30 small chairs to be given as gifts to children on their first birthday.  Great Job guys! The chairs are currently being stenciled and will soon be ready for delivery to the social workers at Child and Family Services and Early head Start.
Thank You Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild
In December the members of the guild donated a number of the most beautiful baby quilts. I spoke at both the evening and daytime meeting and meet some very special women with incredible talent. The babies who receive the Welcome Bundles that are made with their quilts will be very lucky! I look forward to their next donation!

Bundle #2500 has been delivered!!
It is with gratitude and great joy that I am able to announce that Welcome Bundle #2500 has been delivered. The bundle was given to a baby girl by Allison, a social worker for Child and Family Service in the Exeter office. This was a very special bundle as it contained items made specifically for it by some of my most devoted supporters.  Project Linus had the perfect quilt, Marie added one of her signature afhgans, the bootie maker at The Hunt Home added booties and the knitters added a sweater. A special item was selected from donations from Mother and Child in Nashua and Infant and Baby Needs of New England in Hudson. The Whipper Snappers made sure every snap was snapped and very button buttoned. Everyone that took part signed a card that was included in the bundle.

Milford Middle School Practical Arts Students Come Through Again
Each year Mrs. Calo has her students work in groups to learn the art of quilt making. Once the quilt is complete the students have choices of what happens to it. Some quilts go home with students, some are sold as a fund raiser for the school and many are donated. Once again, The Stork Project was the recepiant of over 20 beautiful quilts. They are lovingly made works of art. The students have a great knack of picking kid friendly fabric and they are the perfect size for Welcome Bundles. Thank you students and Mrs. Calo!
A Girl Scout Bronze Award Project
The highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can achieve is to receive a Bronze Award.  In the spring I had 3 girls from a troop in Mont Vernon contact me about working with The Stork Project on this project. The girls came twice to "The Nest" to learn more about The Stork Project and discuss ways they could make a difference. 
Upon hearing about the need for full sized strollers they set about collecting strollers in their community. A total of 5 strollers were donated. They had a booth at a community event and raised money through cupcake decorating. Using this money they were able to purchase a stroller from Mother and Child. Each stroller was cleaned and inspected.
On June 19, Chloe, Kelly and Destiny delivered 5 single strollers and 1 double stroller to Susan at Child Health Services in Manchester. Six moms will now have an easier time navigating the streets of  Manchester and getting their children to appointments.  Great work girls. It was a pleasure working with you!!! 

Beautiful Artwork
A special thanks to the Art students at Hollis Brookline High School for painting and stenciling the backs to the Birthday Chairs. Good Job. I am sure the kiddos will enjoy your work.
When I mentioned the fact we were making Birthday Chairs to a friend she suggested I contact the woodshop teacher at the school where she teaches.  I did, and Pete Kelleher of Mascenic High School spoke to his students about helping out. And help out they did!! I was blown away the day I walked into his classroom and saw 25 chairs all stacked up.  The students did an amazing job building these chairs. Each one was sanded smooth and ready for paint.  The school even covered the cost of the wood. What a wonderful gift!
A Very Special Yarn Donation
Back in the fall a request appeared in The Nashua Telegraph for yarn. The request was made by Carrie Beach at Nashua High School North. The yarn was needed to knit hats as a fund raiser for a guidance counselor named Tara who is battling breast cancer. An army of student and faculty knitters, of various skill abilities worked, for 2 months as part of a hat-a-thon to produce as many hats as possible.  They sold many of the hats and those not sold were donated to area cancer centers.
Knowing that a request for yarn in the paper for such a worthwhile would inspire people to participate, I sent Carrie a note asking for any yarn that was left over once the hat-a-thon was complete.  In early March Carrie asked me to come to school and "clean out her room". It took an army of students to carry all the left over yarn and donated knitting needs and crochet hooks to my van.  There were seven 30 gallon trash bags filled with the most amazing yarn and a full copy paper box of needles and hooks.
The yarn was sorted by color and divided into 2 batches. One batch went to the ladies at Shae Farm. Just 3 days earlier they had asked me if there was any way I could get them some yarn. It was so much fun to be able to drag those big bags of yarn out of the van. Once it is inspected and inventoried the ladies will get to work on baby blankets. 
The other batch went to Marie in Merrimack. She is my most amazing crocheter.  Marie makes about 20 baby blankets a month. She feels that as long as her yarn basket is full God will not let her die.  And I panic when she tells me the basket is getting low. You should have seen her face as I carried bag after bag of yarn into her home.
There will be many, many, many babies who will receive a blanket made with yarn intended to support Tara.  There will be love and concern knit into every one of them.  And as the blankets are knit there will be prayers said for Tara as well.


Helping Hands at Hollis Brookline Middle School

The Stork Project will be participating in the 100 Year Celebration of Girl Scouting Expo at St. Anselm's College on February 25.  The purpose of the Expo is to provide information on community service opportunities for troops or individual scouts. As an participant I have to provide a handout for each scout that will be attending. I choose to make informational bookmarks but had no idea how time consuming making 1500 bookmarks would be.  I had to look no further than the students at Hollis Brookline Middle School to find willing volunteers. Throughout the course of 2 weeks a very dedicated group of students punched holes, threaded beads and turned ribbon.  In the end over, 1200 bookmarks were produced.  I will be forever grateful for effort and hard work of these amazing students.   I am very proud of their contribution.

Thank you.


Rags to Riches

Sometimes an item will be donated that is not quite nice enough to go into a Welcome Bundle. Those donations are then passed on to social workers to be offered to the moms. If an item is too worn or stained it will be put into a donation bin and used for industrial purposes. If the item is a blanket, bib, diaper, or burp cloth, depending on the condition it may go to a social worker, or offered to moms at a clinic, used at the animal shelter, or donated to a friend who is a carpenter to use as rags.  Every so often I accumulate a bag of stained bibs, blankets with a holes, and other unusable items and I leave those for Matt.  Well, today in the mail I received a gift card to Home Depot from Matt and his wife. It will be used to purchase wood, saw blades and paint for the birthday chair project. Who would have known a stained bib would result in a beautiful chair. People are amazing.....


Thank you Girl Scout Troop 10065

The tied fleece blanket you made is beautiful. It paired wonderfully with a recent donation of a singing stuffed animal. Both items were delivered to a DCYF worker in Concord. Your hard work and commitment to community service is appreciated.



For the past 2 months, The Whipper Snappers have been working on a very special project. With the help of a wonderful man named Tom, they have been sanding and painting chairs to be given to children on their first birthday.  This is serious business and each one is a work of art!  We hope to be able to offer these chairs to social workers so they can celebrate the first birthday of babies who received Welcome Bundles as newborns.

Thank You Dartmouth Hitchcock Pediatric Department

Cases of baby formula of all types and brands were donated by Dartmouth Hitchcock Pediatric Department prior to a move to their new building.  The formula, along with cases of shampoo, lotion and baby wash filled The Storkmobile. There were over 150 cans of formula made by Good Start, Similac, and Emfamil.  There was Soy, NeoSure, Alimentum, Sensitive Tummy, formula for preemies, bottles for new babies, and kits with insulated bottle holders.  The formula was delivered to social workers at Child Health Services, Our Place, Easter Seals, Bridges, Child and Family Services and Head Start.  It took just 4 hours for all of the formula to be claimed and all of it will be given to moms in need by the end of the month.  As a result of this generous donation many, many, many babies will go to sleep with full tummies.  Is there anything more wonderful than that?  

  Thank you Whipper Snappers!!!

The Whipper Snappers helped assemble Christmas gifts for 21 children served by the social workers at Early Headstart in Nashua.  The name tags for the gift bags were painted wooden ornaments that could later be used to hold a photo.  Each ornament was tied with ribbon and had a jingle bell attached. An outfit for each child was wrapped in tissue and placed in the bag along with a book.  Also included was a small gift for mom. The gifts were delivered by The Whipper Snappers to the center's social workers.  We had a wonderful time working on this project and if it were not for the hard work of The Whipper Snappers this project would never have been accomplished.  They are my superheros.

                                                          Thank you Amherst Juniors

The Amherst Junior Women's Club had a rummage sale and invited me to come and shop for free at the end of the sale. They even provided people to help me gather the correct size clothing and young men to help get it all to the car! At the end of the day I have 2 hockey bags filled with clothes in addition to some great books, toys and other items. Thank you ladies.

   A Wonderful Donation

In the spring I was invited to speak at the annual dinner of the GFWC Hudson Juniors. I spoke on behalf of Project Linus and The Stork Project. I had a lovely dinner in the presence of a diverse group of wild and wonderful community minded women.  Little did I know the support I would receive from them. On Sunday I had a visit from one of the members. She dropped off 4 very nice tied fleece blankets-2 for Project Linus and 2 for The Stork Project, a large bag of clothes and baby items, and a gift certificate to Infant and Baby Needs of New England for $250!!!  I can't wait to begin shopping!


What a special company Core Medical Group is

Core Medical Group selected The Stork Project as one of its 4th quarter charities. I was blown away when I arrived to collect the donation. There was an office full of clothes and a high chair, and a cubby filled with strollers, swings, bassinets and a pack and play. In the hallway were boxes of new clothes as well as neatly sorted bags of receiving blankets, shoes, the biggest bag of baby rattles and small hand toys I had ever seen.  The van was overflowing.  I had a great time hearing about how much the company encourages its employees to participate in charitable work.  The moms. babies and social workers will benefit greatly from your good works. 


A warm welcome and special thank you to the ladies of Shea Farm in Concord. Shea Farm is the transitional living unit of the NH Prison system. Through Pastor Beth I have been welcomed into their midst. These ladies have much to give and a desire to help others.  Beth and I spend one morning a month with the ladies as they use the blankets they have made to make Welcome Bundles for other moms.  This past week they made over 25 mini bundles that were delivered to the social worker at CMC.


Bundle #2000 has been delivered

    This is a very special bundle for many reasons. It was touched by many hands in the process of being assembled. The 5th graders at the Congregational Church of Hollis suggested the charm, Karen worked hard to punch the holes in the card, the blanketeer who made the wonderful quilt, the Whipper Snappers made sure each item was clean and snapped, Shirley assembled the "blends" of pants and shirts, the bundle was topped off by a very special mom with clothes from her new daughter Mia and the whole process was observed by a very beautiful Monarch butterfly. This journey is just beginning and every day each of you tell me I am on the right path.  Life is a journey with many ups and downs. Each serves a purpose and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends to walk with me.

August 2011

           To all the donors, knitters, quilters, social workers, snappers, sorters, crochetters and cheerleaders—a very humble thank you.

     When The Stork Project was started 4 years ago, never did I imagine that there would be so much support.  So much love and care is layered into each Welcome Bundle by the many hands that have a part in its creation-the blanketeers who knit, crochet, or quilt each blanket used to wrap the clothes, the parents who lovingly cared for the children who wore the clothes and then chose to donate them, the consignment store owners who save the best for these babies, the “Whipper Snappers” who snap each outfit with care,  friends who come and sort, and the many social workers who were willing to take a risk and said yes when called to ask if they would like to hear about the project.

    Each one of you is a vital link in this incredible chain of caring.  What a special way to welcome a baby!  Your involvement has touched the lives of over 2000 babies, not to mention the parents, grandparents, friends, nurses, social workers and others who get to experience the moment the mom opens the bundle with her new child. 

    I also have to thank the many people who have spread the word and encouraged others to donate. To the many clubs and organizations who have encouraged members to be involved-thank you. To those who scour garage sales and leave behind word of The Stork Project-thank you. To those who continue to donate long after their baby is grown-thank you.  Because of all of you I have never had a time that need has not been met.

    And because one should always save the best for last-I thank my family, especially my husband Pete, for putting up with “babyland” and my passion.   He is my #1 schlepper of items from the Storkmobil to the basement and back.  In his words, “the tide comes in and the tide goes out”.  I could not do this without him.
Kathi Lewis
Mrs. Calo's Students at Milford Middle School come through in a big way.  Thank you for the beautiful quilts you made and then chose to donate. The workmanship and choice of fabric and color always amaze me.  You are making the difference in the world-one baby at a time.
I received a request for a toddler bed on a Wednesday.  I had nothing for this little 2 year old.  Then I remembered the offer of a bed, made a call and it was still available but there was no mattress. I went into work and a co-worker said he had some things for me and his donation included a nearly new mattress.  Two hours later I receive an email from a regular donor forwarding me a listing for free crib sheets that were for a girl. They were still available so I picked them up.  In the latest donation of blankets from Project Linus was a blanket that perfectly matched the blue in the bed. I received a donation of some beautiful stuffed animals and in it was a frog that matched the quilt.  And I had just a bit of credit left over from a gift certificate from the Hollis Woman's Club and was able to buy 3 pairs of pajamas. So, this little girl will have a wonderful new place to sleep thanks to 6 different donors.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
Thank you Hollis Woman's Club
It was a pleasure coming to your meeting to tell you about The Stork Project. Thank you for all the items you donated and the two gift certificated to Mother and Child. 

A wonderful gift, lovingly assembled by 2 young ladies at HBHS
Thanks for your help.  Great work ladies!!!  
Thank you Lesley
Memories Are Miracles
To honor her son Adam (1976-2001), Cindy is making a blanket for every Project Linus chapter in the United States.  The Stork Project received the one that went to the Seacoast chapter.  This beautiful blanket went to a new baby boy born at Catholic Medical Center.  What a special way to honor a son.
I received a call from a social worker looking for a stroller for an older baby boy. And he was sleeping on a twin mattress, might there be a pack and play? And the need for clothing was so great that the family would even take clothing that was pink. A call went out.  Emails were forwarded, message boards posted, requests made....all for this little guy. Within 18 hours he had-a pack and play, highchair, cute little car to sit in, stroller, some new toys and more clothes than could fill a dresser. His needs have been met and the additional clothing has gone on to other boys in need. You people AMAZE me.
I love it when I get a call from Maureen at Project Linus and she says, "I have something special for you".  Often times it is a donation of beautiful quilts made by Pat. K.  Her quilts are works of art. I love the way they look as the "wrapping" for the Welcome Bundles. Thank you Pat!!!

Thank you Daisy Troop #10916-Merrimack
The tied fleece blanket you made is so special. It went to newborn baby in the special care nursery at Catholic Medical Center.  It was so soft and warm. Thank you for all of your hard work.
Welcome Bundle #1500 has been delivered!!!!!!
I am humbled by all of the people who have embraced this mission. One Thousand Five Hundred babies have been welcomed into the world and have been wrapped in love because of your kindness. To the thousand of donors, knitters, crochetters, quilters, "cheerleaders", and social workers I say a special thanks.
Thank you Amherst Junior Women's Club for your donation.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Kim and family for the hockey bags. They are being used by many social workers as a safe storage place for their Welcome Bundles. The last 2 are being used to deliver clothing that The Stork Project received in donations that are the wrong size and cannot go into Welcome Bundles. As the clothes get sorted, anything larger than 6 months goes into a bag and when it is full the bag is delivered to Baby Threads. Having a large sturdy bag is a Godsend. As you can see from the photos-they do hold a lot! 
Thank you Mrs. Calo and the students in her Practical Arts classes for the quilt donation.  Working in groups, the students made the most beautiful block quilts.  They picked bright fabrics and when the project was complete rather than take the quilts home many groups chose to donate them to The Stork Project.  These are special young men and women being led by an exceptional teacher. 

Thank you to The Jewish Mothers' Giving Circle
Your donation of board books came at just the right time.   Thanks to your organization, the Welcome Bundles due to go out this week will have a book tucked under the ribbon.  Your timing was perfect!!
The children of Little Laurel Preschool in Brookline NH donated books to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Over 80 books were collected as a way to share their love of reading with another child.  The books will be given to children in Nashua when they receive immunizations at the Public Health Department.

Thank You Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild
 These quilts are beautiful and just what I needed.

Thank you to everyone who donated Christmas outfits, shoes, tights, hats, booties, and other items throughout the year.  Everything was laid out and sorted on Wednesday December 2 and "orders" were filled.  Over 250 outfits were provided to NH social workers for their littlest clients.  Thanks to all my friends who came and made a party of helping out!


The Wonderful Ladies at Hunt Community are at it again and they do beautiful work.

Thank you Janis!
 You are amazing. There will be many toasty toes thanks to you.

Thank You Doris ! !
The hand crocheted baby sweaters, hats, booties, and blankets you made for The Stork Project are just beautiful.  The christening set is absoultely amazing.  The care you put into that will wrap the new baby in such a warm and wonderful loving feeling.

How do you spell amazing?????
M-I-L-F-O-R-D     M-I-D-D-L-E     S-C-H-O-O-L
Thank you so much for the 24 beautiful quilts made by the students in Mrs. Calo's Consumer Ed. Classes
Kids these days are....................INCREDIBLE!!!!!
Milford should be very proud of these students.


Thank You Project Linus
What baby would not want to snuggle in these??

If you would like to make a baby quilt or knit/crochet  an afghan, Project Linus may be able to provide the supplies you need.  Please contact Maureen Brown, NH Seacoast Project Linus Coordinator at

Announcing the arrival of
"The Stork Mobile" ! ! ! !
Born: 2005
Weight:  3763 pounds
Lenght:  128 inches