Information for Social Workers

These are Welcome Bundles:

 Welcome Bundles are provided free of charge to Social Workers in New Hampshire who have an established relationship with women who are pregnant or have just become moms.  Each bundle contains 8-10 gently worn seasonal outfits for a boy or girl. The Welcome Bundles are designed to be presented as a gift to the new baby shortly after birth.  Generally, Social Workers will keep a number of Welcome Bundles on hand so when a client gives birth they can grab one on the way to the hospital or have it available for the first time they visit the new baby.  If you are a Social Worker and would like to participate all you have to do is make your need known and the Welcome Bundles will be delivered to your office.  As long as there are new babies there will be enough Welcome Bundles for them.  Contact Kathi Lewis at for more information.

What area Social Workers are saying:

The Welcome Bundles have been a wonderful thing to bring to newborn home visits.  They are beautiful packages filled with adorable baby clothes.  Mothers light up when they receive this gift. 

The Stork Project has provided all kinds of assistance to families served at Child Health Services.  When the van arrives, we might get a needed booster seat, warm winter coats, or a pile of Christmas outfits for infants!  We know that, if we need more baby clothes or a piece of baby equipment, every every effort will be made to find it and deliver it. 

Susan O.

Volunteer and Development Coordinator

I am pleased to be able to distribute the Welcome Bundles from the Stork Project to the new mothers in our Healthy Families Program.  The families are delighted to receive this gift which was obviously packed with care. The bundles are filled will clothing, wrapped in a blanket with a ribbon and a poem. Summer and winter bundles are delivered to my office as well as other baby items for these families in need.

Carolyn G.

Child and Family Services, Nashua

These bundles of goodies are filled with love that we as social workers and community service agencies can then pass on to families that we support and serve.  I have watched mothers and grandmothers ohh and ahh over the beautiful and sweet little bundles created for their little cherubs.  It is a blessing to have the support of the Stork Project as it helps us serve our families better. 

The overall support and resources that The Stork Project has provided have been well received and appreciated by so many of our families in need.

Brenda G.-Derry

“Thank you Stork Project.  The bundles are lovely and chuck full of beautiful, useful things”.

Susan M.-Manchester